THE ZOO - new novel

A wonderfully inventive and slyly constructed novel, horrifying, horribly funny, and disgracefully entertaining.  John Banville

Engrossing and very moving. The Guardian

Strange and brilliant novel. Spectator

Shockingly funny. Daily Mail

Reads like Vonnegut meets Catch 22. Wildly original... Welsh Arts Review

The Zoo is exquisite. A biting satire that broke my heart. Nathan Filer

I absolutely loved it! So nimble and acute, by turns briskly hilarious and deeply humane… The Vonnegut comparisons are justified. Stephen Kelman

Riveting… The energy and originality of Christopher Wilson’s imagination is at its most striking in this fascinating novel. It’s narrator and central character, is so engaging that it’s impossible to put the book down. Diana Athill

Original and fresh, cynical and innocent, amusing and horrific, cruel and humane, plausible and unbelievable... brilliantly written and resolutely unsentimental. It’s funny and poignant and a wonderful book. Nicholas Searle

Five things Yuri Zipit has learnt:

- That being the official food-taster for the Great Leader of
the Motherland requires him to drink more vodka than his 12-year-old frame can handle.

- That you do not have to be an Elephantologist to see that
the Great Leader is dying.

- That Yuri’s father is somewhere here in the Dacha.

- That it's a crime to love your family more than you love
Socialism, the Party or the Republic.

- That some people were born to be disinvented.

But there’s something his comrades have yet to learn from
Yuri: that being a brain-damaged child doesn’t  make him a fool.